• January 21, 2006 - I've been informed thast Entertainment Weekly has a preview of the first two cheapters of Cell available on their website, now. Be sure to check it out, and preorder the book on

  • November 1, 2005 - This fall, Doubleday celebrates Halloween with the release of a special 30th anniversary edition of the novel that redefined vampirism. Stephen King has added a new introduction, fifty bonus pages of deleted material from the original 1975 manuscript of 'Salem's Lot and two short stories related to the events of the novel.

    "Although the novel has sold millions of copies in various editions, it wasn't until 2004 when Centipede Press published a special limited edition (900 copies) that featured lavishly creepy photographs, printed interior endpapers and a stunning page design by acclaimed photographer, Jerry Uelsmann that brought King's masterpiece to brilliant and eerie life. This 'Salem's Lot represents the text as the author envisioned it-making all other editions obsolete. No King aficionado's library will be complete without it."

    Grab yout copy of now!

  • October 29, 2004 - Our friends at Warner Brothers have asked me to let you know that the new 'Salem's Lot mini series starring Rob Lowe (The Stand), Donald Sutherland and James Cromwell is now out on DVD, bringing you a 181 minute adaptation of what surely is one of Steve's finest novels.

    Revisit the Pere back at the beginning of his journey, long before he meets his fateful end in the Dixie Pig...

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